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  • Barilla Global Platform

    With many operations across the world, the websites lacked consistency with each region. TMW Unlimited was asked to come up with a global solution for markets to use. The team adopted a user centered design approach, identifying various personas and their requirements. The design of modules were heavily reviewed and tested throughout.

    I was involved in many sprint sessions throughout the project, working closely with UX and Development to be sure our ideas and solutions were possible. Getting an insight into what websites appealed to the client, the initial creative process started with forming three style tiles, to present three possible design routes using that inspiration to get very close to the vision Barilla had in their minds sooner within a very big project. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator. HTML / CSS for presentations during sprints.

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  • A Forest of Wormholes

    After countless experiments with Actionscript and a few large online projects, I never got the chance to make a game because of the focus moving away from Flash over to HTML5 at the time. With my time spent learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript I decided back in 2013 this would be the perfect time to push my skills in developing a game for an experiment. Gameplay involves navigating through the portals to progress to further levels, eventually having to defeat enemies through battles involving paper / rock / scissors.

    Part maze, part adventure, and my attempt at an RPG was good experience in further learning web development away from Flash. My only regret with the project, relying on jQuery for the whole build, maybe one day I’ll rewrite this project to run smoother on today’s modern browsers. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator. HTML, CSS, JSON, and Javascript.

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    The first brief I started on when joining TMW soon became the biggest too. Diageo’s at the time existed only in the US as a cocktail recipe site. A release planned for Europe allowed an opportunity to redesign, and rethink the entire user journey completely, from page layout right down to the UI. Working with an Art Director, and UX helped to keep the balance of a premium yet usable site.

    Brand awareness was in union alongside clearly presented cocktail recipes and never overpowering. After launch results were impressive too, 300,000 average visits a month, with 50% of traffic from portable devices, and over 100 social shares a week. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

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